About AMEB

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AMEB provides syllabuses and graded examinations for a wide range of musical instruments, music theory, singing, speech and drama. AMEB Victoria’s commitment to quality means that teachers and students are assured of the highest possible standard of syllabuses and examination programs.


AMEB Credentials
1. Respected qualifications that are internationally recognised and set a national benchmark for musical achievement.

2. The only examination body with formal links to major Australian Universities and Ministers for Education.

3. Australia’s most widely used assessment system for music, singing, speech and drama.

4. Responsible for the promotion and development of musical excellence since 1887.


AMEB Services
1. Comprehensive syllabuses across a wide range of musical instruments, from beginner level through grades 1-8 and onto tertiary entrance standard.

2. Theory, musicianship and music craft assessments as well as practical assessments.

3. A broad range of repertoire available in the manual lists as well as contemporary popular music courses with backing tracks.

4. Quality publications which deliver exceptional value for money, a convenient way of purchasing all required music in one book, an excellent range of music and superb design.


AMEB Benefits
1. Examinations conducted by highly trained examiners who are specialists in their field.

2. A wide choice of examination sessions in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

3. Students awarded with a certificate of achievement at each grade level.

4. Feedback provided in the form of detailed written reports for practical examinations.

5. Fresh and accessible syllabuses developed in consultation with teachers, parents, students and experts in education.

6. Teachers provided with a continuing program of syllabus and exam preparation support.