Message from the General Manager

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Welcome to the AMEB Victoria website


AMEB Victoria was proud to release our updated online service centre AMEB Connect in July 2017. Through AMEB Connect registered users can enrol candidates for examinations and evaluations, download exam notices and exam reports, view results, and purchase AMEB syllabuses and publications. From January 2018 you will also be able to enrol for Online Written examinations through AMEB Connect. Once registered for AMEB Connect, you can simply log in via the link on the AMEB Victoria website. Registration is easy and we would be pleased to help.


This website is intended to provide the information needed to enrol candidates for AMEB and Rockschool exams in Victoria; and you will find a step-by-step guide to enrolling through AMEB Connect. Details of examination requirements can be found in the 2018 Manual of Syllabuses, available to purchase in hard copy or as individual syllabuses in PDF format via AMEB Connect.


It is important to note that only material in current syllabuses can be presented for examination. Within each syllabus you will find general regulations, requirements, objectives and prescribed pieces for each grade. If, once you have read the syllabus, you have any questions please contact us to clarify any aspects that may not be clear.


2018 News

I am delighted to announce some exciting new developments at AMEB this year, including:

  • New Piano for Leisure Series 4 Grade Books, Recordings and Handbooks
  • A new Oboe syllabus and Series 1 publications
  • Revised Tuba syllabus
  • A new Online Written Exam Centre from mid-January

For more information on these developments, please go to the News section of this website.


Early exam sessions and special exam sessions

We encourage you to consider enrolling candidates for practical exams in Term 2 or 3. These sessions are less busy so we are better able to accommodate scheduling requests, with the added benefit that candidates will be able to avoid exams clashing with end-of-year activities in Term 4.

Please note that some subjects are only offered in ‘Special Subject’ sessions in July and November. These are: Accordion, CPM, Ensemble, Harp, Organ, Percussion, Recorder – and Rockschool. However, it might be possible for exams in these instruments to be scheduled outside published session dates, if there is sufficient examining time in a particular location. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about this possibility.


Enrolment information

We endeavour to accommodate requests to avoid dates of school camps, VCE exams, or other important events, and to make special provisions for candidates with special needs; however, it is essential that dates to avoid and requests for special provisions are advised at the time of enrolment and cannot be considered after the Closing Date for enrolments for the particular Examination Session has passed. Please appreciate that once exams have been programmed it is very difficult and time-consuming to re-arrange examiners’ timetables.



During 2018 the Australian Music Examinations Board will celebrate 100 years of service to the Australian community and we hope to continue promoting and recognising achievement in music and speech for many years to come. We wish you every success with your teaching or studies this year and we look forward to supporting your work in 2018.


Alwyn Mott
General Manager
AMEB Victoria