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Australia’s leading music assessment service, the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) offers syllabuses and graded examinations for a wide range of musical instruments, music theory, singing and speech, from beginner through to higher grades and on to diploma level.


Promoting and recognising musical achievement

The Australian Music Examinations Board was established as a national organisation in 1918 and will celebrate 100 years of service to Australian students and teachers on 15 May 2018. Regarded as the benchmark for assessment in music, speech and drama in Australia, AMEB exams provide nationally recognised levels of achievement in practical and theoretical subjects. AMEB syllabuses provide the framework for studies leading to secondary school certificates, university entrance and the establishment of careers in performing and music teaching.


Maintaining benchmark standards

To maintain benchmark standards, AMEB is committed to continuous review of its syllabuses and publications to ensure they are up to date with evolving educational principles and practices, and teachers are invited to contribute to the review process. The high standards set by AMEB are in turn upheld by a panel of examiners who are specialists in their field.


AMEB Victoria

AMEB Victoria conducts graded music and speech exams in Melbourne and country Victoria. A not-for-profit organisation wholly owned by the University of Melbourne and governed by a Board of Directors, AMEB Victoria is one of six state offices within the federated AMEB structure. The AMEB Federal Office is responsible for developing and publishing syllabuses and syllabus-related publications, while AMEB Victoria is responsible for all exams conducted in Victoria.


Supporting Victorian teachers and students

A number of workshops and seminars are organised by AMEB Victoria each year to provide teaching tips and information about specific syllabuses and services.


AMEB Victoria structure

The AMEB Victoria Board of Directors, appointed by the University of Melbourne receives advice from an Examinations Advisory Committee, which includes members with expertise in education, training and assessment. Each Victorian examiner is a member of their respective subject’s Specialist Examining Panel, which meets regularly to discuss examining matters and engage in professional development activities. Day-to-day operations are the responsibility of the General Manager.