How to enrol for AMEB Victoria exams

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It is common practice for teachers or schools to submit entries as agents for their students. If you are the teacher or school representative enrolling candidates, you will receive all correspondence relating to your students’ examinations and will be able to co-ordinate the preparation of candidates and arrange accompanists, if required.


Note that enrolment forms can only be accepted from adults. Private entries should be submitted by the parent or guardian of candidates aged under eighteen.


For detailed information about completing an enrolment form, please refer to the Enrolment Handbook or click onto the relevant website pages as highlighted below.

Before completing your enrolment form

1. Become fully acquainted with the current AMEB examination syllabus; requirements and regulations (which may change from year to year); and the administrative policies and procedures notified in the current AMEB Enrolment Handbook. Supplementary information and downloadable forms are available from this website.
2. Find out when the Practical and Written exam sessions will take place (refer to: Exam Session and Enrolment Dates page), noting the closing dates for enrolments and the fact that Practical exams can be scheduled on any day in the published exam session (Monday – Sunday), between the hours of 9am and 6pm, except gazetted public holidays. It is possible to request that exams are not scheduled on a weekend but this must be indicated on the enrolment form, submitted by the closing date.
3. Inform candidates and parents of examining arrangements and enrolment conditions and ask if there are any dates in the session that should be avoided for the following reasons: VCE exams, school exams, curriculum days, school camps, religious holidays, special events or other exceptional situations. AMEB Victoria will make every effort to avoid specific dates if these are written on the enrolment form and supporting documentation is supplied by the closing date for enrolments.


Completing your enrolment form

Complete one enrolment form per session using a Practical Enrolment form or a Written Enrolment form, available from downloadable forms, or obtained from the AMEB Victoria office. To expedite processing and minimise data entry errors, please ensure that the enrolment form clearly includes:


4. The Client/Teacher Number from previous years, if relevant. New teachers and private entrants will be allocated numbers when their first enrolment is processed.
5. The Examination Session – for example: “1st METROPOLITAN”
6. The Centre Code – refer to the Exam Centre Codes page.
7. Candidates’ Numbers from previous sessions. This will ensure that a candidate is not given multiple numbers. New candidates will be allocated numbers when their first enrolment is processed. This number is used for data matching.
8. The correct spelling of each candidate’s name as it should appear on the certificate.
9. Each candidate’s date of birth to ensure correct data matching.
10. The appropriate Subject Number for each candidate (note that “new” syllabuses have new numbers). Refer to the Subject Numbers, Codes and Fees page for details.
11. The appropriate Subject Name/Grade for each candidate (“new” syllabuses should be indicated “NS”).
12. Any special requests relating to dates to be avoided, special needs or examination venues. This should be written on the form or on a separate document and must be submitted at the time of enrolment by the enrolment deadline. Please note that a Practical exam can be scheduled on any day in the published exam session unless we receive prior notification that the candidate is not available on a particular day. For more information, see Dates to be Avoided on the Supplementary Enrolment Information page.
13. Information about candidates entering for more than one subject in the same session. This should be written on the form provided or on a separate document attached to the form.
14. A signature from the person aged 18 or over who is responsible for the enrolments on the form. When you sign the enrolment form you are confirming that you, the candidates, their parents and their teachers are aware of and accept the policies, regulations and examination requirements published in the current AMEB syllabus and the current AMEB Enrolment Handbook.


Submitting your enrolment form

15. Calculate the fees for all candidates and include only one cheque, money order or credit card authorisation for a teacher, private entrant or school’s total enrolments, in each session. Cash payments cannot be accepted. Note that enrolments will not be accepted until fees have been received (i.e. credit card payments successfully processed or cheques cleared).
16. Submit your enrolment form and any requests by post, scanned attachment to an email ( or fax before the closing date for the relevant examination session. (Emailed or faxed enrolments cannot be accepted unless the credit card authorisation has been signed.)
17. Retain a photocopy of all paperwork for reference and the transmission report, if submitting entries by fax.


Confirmation of Enrolment from AMEB Victoria

18. Check that you have received a Confirmation of Enrolment from AMEB Victoria within 14 days of submitting your enrolment form. Confirm that all details are correct (including spelling of candidate names) and advise necessary amendments within 7 days.


Receiving your Notice of Examination

19. Advise AMEB Victoria if you have not received a Notice of Examination for all your candidates three weeks prior to commencement of the examination session.
20. Inform your students when and where the exam will take place and arrange an accompanist, if necessary. Make sure your student takes their Notice of Examination to the exam and presents it to the Supervisor.


Registering for AMEB Connect

Register (free of charge) for AMEB Connect and you will be able to log in at any time to check information about your candidates’ enrolments and results, as follows:
1.  View personal details and update contact information.
2.  Check that enrolment forms have been processed.
3.  View candidates’ exam schedules.
4.  View candidates’ results as they are added.
5.  Grant candidates access to personal information.


After the exam

As the person responsible for the enrolment, you will receive examination reports and certificates for the AMEB Victoria exam candidates you enrolled. Please give these to your candidates at the earliest opportunity.


AMEB Victoria’s responsibilities

  • Provide information about enrolment requirements – including enrolment closing dates and examination fees.
  • Arrange Practical examinations – involving the determination of examination sessions; scheduling of examination times, dates and venues; engagement of examiners; and provision of examination materials.
  • Arrange Written examinations – involving the arrangement of venues and equipment; co-ordination of examinations; engagement of supervisors and written assessors; and provision of examination materials.
  • Supply information about examinations, including: fee schedules;session dates; Enrolment Handbook; website information; AMEB syllabuses (for purchase); past papers (for purchase); Confirmation of Enrolment reports; Notice of Examinations; results; and certificates.