Percussion Exams

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Percussion Subject Numbers and Fees 2019  
***Teacher Consultation$65.00
***Performance Evaluation 10min$40.00
***Performance Evaluation 20min$80.00
***Perf. Evaluation (Video) 20min$80.00
***Performance Evaluation 30min$120.00
***Perf. Evaluation (Video) 30min$120.00
4130Comprehensive Preliminary$98.00
4131Comprehensive Grade 1$109.00
4132Comprehensive Grade 2$123.00
4133Comprehensive Grade 3$136.00
4134Comprehensive Grade 4$146.00
4135Comprehensive Grade 5$157.00
4136Comprehensive Grade 6$167.00
4137Comprehensive Grade 7$183.00
4138Comprehensive Grade 8$199.00
6000Repertoire Preliminary$98.00
6001Repertoire Grade 1$109.00
6002Repertoire Grade 2$123.00
6003Repertoire Grade 3$136.00
6004Repertoire Grade 4$146.00
6005Repertoire Grade 5$157.00
6006Repertoire Grade 6$167.00
6007Repertoire Grade 7$183.00
6008Repertoire Grade 8$199.00
4139Certificate of Performance$213.00
4140Associate in Music$336.00
4141Licentiate in Music$433.00
*** Contact AMEB Victoria to obtain a subject number before enrolling.
All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.