Supplementary Enrolment Information

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Alternative enrolment arrangements
Enrollers who do not have easy access to AMEB Connect may contact AMEB Victoria to make alternative arrangements. Note that credit card payments cannot be accepted unless enrolments are made through AMEB Connect. Enrolment forms from previous years will not be accepted.


Withdrawal from examination prior to closing date for enrolments
A candidate’s enrolment cannot be transferred from one examination session to another or from one candidate to another. The teacher/enroller is requested to advise AMEB Victoria in writing if a candidate is to be withdrawn from examination. If written advice is received by the closing date for receipt of enrolments for the session, the examination fee less an administration fee of $20.00 per candidate will be refunded.


Cancellation for medical reasons
If a candidate is unable to attend a scheduled examination, the teacher/enroller is requested to telephone AMEB Victoria as soon as possible and to confirm the telephone advice in writing. Where possible, when a cancellation is due to illness and substantiated by a medical certificate, the candidate will be offered the opportunity to re-schedule the examination to a later date within the current year upon payment of a re-scheduling fee equivalent to 50% of the examination fee. Note that evidence of inability to present for examination for medical reasons must be received by AMEB Victoria no later than two weeks after the scheduled exam date. However, when the cancellation is in November or December, it might not be possible to re-schedule the examination in the current year and consideration will be given to refunding 50% of the examination fee (to be paid to the enroller by electronic funds transfer in December). It is not possible to transfer an enrolment to another calendar year.


Cancellation for non-medical reasons
A refund will not be given when the cancellation is for a non-medical reason. Please appreciate that, by the time a cancellation is received, the examination timetable has usually been finalised and all the costs associated with conducting the exam (examiner, supervisor, venue hire, etc.) are incurred whether the candidate attends or not.


Re-scheduling of Practical examinations
A candidate may apply to re-schedule an examination for any reason upon payment of a re-scheduling fee equivalent to 75% of the examination fee. Please contact us in writing to make a re-scheduling request. The availability of a substitute examination time cannot be guaranteed, and acceptance of the application will be subject to the availability of a qualified examiner and suitable facilities. If it is not possible to re- schedule the examination, the re-scheduling fee will be refunded.



Alternative venues – practical examinations
Requests from schools or teachers for practical examinations to be conducted at a venue other than the AMEB Studios in Hawthorn or official Country Centres should be made in the space provided on the enrolment form. Teachers may wish to collaborate to make up three hours of examining time in a particular subject and offer a common studio for a particular session. The host school or studio teacher will be responsible for supervision of the examinations.


Alternative venues – written examinations
Schools may request that written examinations be conducted on school premises, on the basis that the school will be responsible for supervision of the examinations. A Written Exam Venue Request form should be submitted together with the examination entries.


Communication with the enrolling person
Enrolments will be confirmed via the Confirmation of Enrolment which will be sent by AMEB Victoria to the enrolling person within 14 days of receipt of a completed enrolment form. Parents and candidates should note that results, certificates and partial refund of fees (if applicable) will be provided only to the enrolling person (teacher, school or private entrant). Exam timetable information will normally be given only to the enrolling person. However, in emergencies, timetable information will be given to parents and candidates, provided that they can supply all of the following details: the teacher’s name and address, candidate’s name and date of birth, and the subject and grade for which the candidate is enrolled.


Dates to be avoided
Before submitting entries, teachers are advised to consult with students and parents regarding the most suitable session in which to enrol; and dates within the practical examination session that should be avoided. A candidate should be prepared to present for his/her practical examination on any day of the week (including weekends), between 9am and 6pm, on the first day or any other day of the session unless an acceptable request has been made in advance.


Requests to avoid particular dates should be made at the time of enrolment and will only be considered if related to religious holidays, school exams, school camps, curriculum days, special events or exceptional situations. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests based on the above reasons. However, it will not be possible to accommodate requests made for any other reason. Requests that examinations be scheduled ‘at the end of a session’ (or similar), for no adequate reason will not be accepted.


Weekend exam scheduling: The availability of practical exams on Saturdays and Sundays is a permanent feature of the AMEB Victoria exam schedule. It is important that we are advised if candidates are not available for examination on any or all weekends during the particular session. The enrolment form provides a place to indicate that a candidate is not available for examination on weekend days, as follows:
•    If a candidate is not available for examination on Saturdays write “S”
•    If a candidate is not available on Sundays write “U”
•    If a candidate is not available on BOTH Saturdays and Sundays write “B”


It is important that requests are made at the time of enrolment, as it may not be possible to change the date of an examination once it is scheduled and any change will be subject to a re-scheduling fee.


Unless requested otherwise, examinations of all students enrolled by a particular teacher or school for a particular subject will be scheduled consecutively on the same day or over several days, depending on the number of candidates.


Enrolment acceptance
Enrolments are accepted by AMEB Victoria on the understanding that teachers, private entrants, candidates and parents agree to the policies and procedures notified in the current AMEB Victoria Enrolment Handbook and on this website and accept that assessments shall be made strictly in accordance with the syllabus, requirements and regulations prescribed in the current AMEB syllabus.


Examination dates and times
A candidate enrolling for an AMEB Practical examination should be prepared to present for examination at any time during the published session dates, unless a reasonable request for dates to be avoided has been submitted. AMEB Practical examinations are scheduled between the hours of 9am and 6pm, from Monday to Sunday inclusive during each session, except on gazetted public holidays.


Please note that practical examinations might be scheduled on independent school holidays, curriculum days and VCE exam dates unless these dates are specifically advised to AMEB Victoria as dates that should be avoided. Exams might be scheduled on the Saturday, Sunday or Monday preceding the Melbourne Cup public holiday unless we have been advised in writing that they are dates to be avoided. However, exams are not scheduled on Melbourne Cup Day.


Late entries
A late enrolment period of up to seven (7) calendar days after the closing date will apply to each session. From midnight on the closing date AMEB Connect will automatically apply a late fee. The late enrolment period will extend for a period of seven calendar days following the closing date. The series will automatically close to enrolments at midnight at the end of the late enrolment period. All late entries will incur a late entry fee of $30.00 (including GST) per candidate, up to a maximum of $150.00 per teacher or school. After the conclusion of the late enrolment period, entries will be accepted only at the discretion of the General Manager, subject to the availability of examiners and examination venues, and only if accompanied by a special administration fee of $80.00 (including GST) per candidate. Enrolments cannot be submitted via AMEB Connect once the late enrolment period has concluded. Late enrolment enquiries should be made via email.



Special needs
AMEB Victoria is committed to providing quality examinations for all candidates, including those with disabilities. We aim to ensure that all candidates have access to the examination process and are able to demonstrate their skills in the examination to the best of their ability. Candidates with disabilities will be offered the same examining standards as those applied to all other candidates. No concessions are made regarding the assessment criteria used. However we will make special provisions for candidates who provide medical documentation of their disabilities and the special assessment needs which these necessitate.


We must be informed of the candidate’s special assessment needs in writing at the time of enrolment, or as soon as practicable after that time if a condition becomes apparent or worsens after the closing date for entries. A request should be submitted for each examination for which the candidate enrols, as information about special needs will not be retained for subsequent exams. The applicant (if 18 years or over) or their guardian must sign their application for special provisions to confirm that they give permission for the candidate’s special needs to be provided to the examiner. Recent medical documentation of the candidate’s disability must be attached to the application.


Where there is significant additional cost in providing special examination conditions, such as the provision of a separate venue or additional supervision, it may be necessary for AMEB to charge a fee to cover the incremental cost of providing the additional service. Full details of our Special Needs policy can be found here.


Subject Numbers and subject changes
Enrolment information for each candidate is managed according to the Subject Number indicated on the enrolment form. It is therefore critical that the correct Subject Number for each candidate is provided. AMEB Victoria cannot accept responsibility for adding Subject Numbers to enrolment forms. Subject Numbers are listed in the Subject Numbers & Fees section of this website.


A teacher or private entrant wishing to change the subject or grade of a practical examination after the Confirmation of Enrolment has been issued and the seven-day period for advising amendments has elapsed, will be required to pay a re-scheduling fee equivalent to 75% of the enrolment fee. For information about changes to Written exam enrolments, please refer to the Written section of this Handbook.