Written Exam Dates & Times 2019

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Online Written Exams

Grade examinations in Theory of Music, Musicianship and Music Craft (except Grades 5 & 6) are available online.

Traditional paper-based Written exams

Traditional, paper-based exams for all subjects (except Music Craft Preliminary to Grade 4) are available, as follows:

Date Subjects Closing date
20 August Musicianship (Aural)
Music Craft Grades 5 & 6 (Aural)
7 June
21 August Theory of Music (Written)
Musicianship (Written)
Music Craft Grades 5 & 6 (Written)
Speech & Performance Theory
7 June

Aural Exams – Tuesday 20 August 2019

Grade Musicianship Aural Music Craft Aural
Grade 4 9:30am–10:10am (Online only)
Grade 5 10:45am–11:35am Time to be advised (pm)
Grade 6 12:00pm–12:50pm Time to be advised (pm)

Written Exams – Wednesday 21 August 2019

For written exams, an additional 10 minutes of reading time is allowed before the scheduled commencement time.

Grade Theory of Music Musicianship Music Craft
Grade 1 9:30am–10:30 am 9:30am–11:00am (Online only)
Grade 2 2:00pm–3:30 pm 2:00pm–3:30pm (Online only)
Grade 3 2:00pm–4:00 pm 2:00pm–3:30pm (Online only)
Grade 4 9:30am–12:30pm 9:30am–10:30am (Online only)
Grade 5 9:30am–12:30pm 9:30am–11:00am 9:30am–11:30am
Grade 6 2:00pm–5:00 pm 2:00pm–4:30pm 2:00pm–4:30pm

Written Exams and Aural Diploma exams on application
Teaching, Musicianship and Theory of Music Diploma exams are available on application. Candidates will be responsible for arranging the venue and suitable supervision. However, it is possible to apply to sit Aural Diploma exams on 20 August or Written Diploma exams on 21 August at Box Hill, Moonee Ponds, Ballarat, Bendigo or Geelong.

Associate Musicianship Aural
Licentiate Musicianship Aural
Associate Musicianship Written Paper
Licentiate Musicianship Written Paper
CTMusA Written Paper
ATMusA Written Paper
LTMusA Written Paper
Associate Musicology
Associate Harmony and Counterpoint
Associate Orchestration and Arrangement
Licentiate Musicology
Licentiate Harmony and Counterpoint
Licentiate Orchestration and Arrangement