About AMEB Connect

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AMEB Connect offers teachers online access to view and change information. After registering for AMEB Connect a teacher can:


1. View personal details and update contact information.
2. Check that enrolment forms have been processed.
3. View candidates’ exam schedules.
4. View candidates’ results as they are added.
5. Grant candidates access to personal information.


If you already have a username and password, click “Log on to AMEB Connect”, below, or the quicklink on the right hand side of this page.


An individual teacher may self-register by clicking “Log on to AMEB Connect”  and selecting “I Want Web Access”.


Special access arrangements apply to schools. Each school (or campus) appoints a representative to access AMEB Connect. A member of the school’s management team (for example, the Director of Music) completes an access authorisation form. Upon receipt of this form, AMEB Victoria will issue a username and password to the school’s authorised representative.


Log on to AMEB Connect