Written Exam Information

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Candidates have the option of taking the traditional, paper-based Theory exams for most Theory subjects and grades in the August Written session, or taking Theory exams online at a convenient time in the following grades:


Theory of Music – Grades 1 to 6

Musicianship – Grades 1 to 6

Music Craft – Preliminary – Grade 4 (online only)


Traditional paper-based Written exams
Traditional paper-based exams are available in one Written session in August. Please note that:


1. Music Craft Preliminary to Grade 4 exams are available online only.

2. Entries must be received by the published closing date, so that the processing of enrolments, scheduling of examinations and dispatch of notices can be carried out.

3. Late entries will only be accepted if accompanied by payment of the applicable late entry fee. For more information go to: Supplementary Enrolment Information.


Aural examination regulations
Due to the nature of aural examinations, it is essential that candidates present for examination at the scheduled time. Candidates will not be permitted to enter the examination room once the exam has commenced, due to the disturbance this creates and the inconvenience to other candidates.


At the commencement of Aural examinations, candidates will be given a short listening time, in order to become familiar with the sounds used on the recording. Before the end of the examination, at the conclusion of the recording, candidates will be given ten minutes’ checking time during which writing is permitted.


Re-scheduling of Written examinations
A candidate’s Written examination may be re-located from one centre to another, provided that the application is accompanied by a re-scheduling fee of $40.00 and it is received at least fourteen days prior to the date of examination.


Approval will be subject to the availability of seating at the requested centre. Similarly, a request to change a candidate’s grade will not be accepted unless it is received at least fourteen days prior to the examination, together with a re-scheduling fee of $40.00.