News & Events

  • Repertoire examinations

    A repertoire-only examination will be available for all instruments (excluding Band and CPM) from 2019. View more
  • 2018 October Newsletter

    The October 2018 Newsletter includes an outline of the AMEB Centenary activities held during the year including the Governor's Reception and the launch of the AMEB Online Orchestra. Important developments for 2019 include the new Piano Syllabus and Repertoire exams for most instruments. View more
  • New (2019) Piano Syllabus

    The new (2019) Piano Syllabus is the first comprehensive review of the AMEB Piano Syllabus since 2008. Featuring a fresh selection of repertoire and completely revised Technical Work and the associated Series 18 publications. View more
  • 2019 Piano Syllabus workshop

    A workshop for teachers will be held on Sunday 9 December to outline the new 2019 Piano Syllabus. Presented by syllabus consultant Emeritus Professor David Lockett AM. View more
  • Performance Evaluation by video

    Evaluation offers the student an opportunity to perform an individually-selected program of work and now students have the option of recording their performance and uploading it to YouTube. View more