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  • AMEB celebrates a Centenary of service in 2018

  • AMEB Victoria’s online service centre, AMEB Connect, is fully operational

  • New Online Written Exam Centre from January 2018, with enrolments through AMEB Connect (Victoria)

  • Minor changes to Theory of Music syllabuses (Grades 3 to 6)

  • New Piano for Leisure Series 4 publications

  • New Oboe syllabus and publications

  • Revised Tuba syllabus

  • Recital Examination trial in Drama and Communication, Flute, Trumpet and Violin to continue in 2018

  • Performance Evaluation Program to be expanded


AMEB Centenary

The Australian Music Examinations Board was established as a national organisation on 15 May 1918 and will celebrate one hundred years of service to education in 2018. We hope that clients and examiners past and present will participate in our special Centenary events to be held during the year.


AMEB Connect

AMEB Victoria’s online service centre, AMEB Connect became fully operational in July 2017. AMEB Connect allows registered users to:


  • Enrol candidates for examinations and evaluations
  • View and print Notices of Examination and email them to candidates
  • View and print Practical examination reports and email them to candidates
  • Purchase AMEB syllabuses and publications

New users may register for AMEB Connect at any time by following the link on the AMEB Victoria website. Enrolling for exams through AMEB Connect is quick and easy. Details for previously-enrolled candidates can be quickly located through the ‘My Candidates’ search function. Payment can be made by credit/debit card via a secure online payment site hosted by NAB.


AMEB syllabuses and publications can be purchased through AMEB Connect. The Manual of Syllabuses – Music is available in the traditional, hard copy format. Alternatively, digital versions of individual syllabuses or a family of syllabuses can be purchased online and received in PDF format by email. AMEB Victoria’s online store can be accessed after logging in to AMEB Connect. Teachers, schools and private enrollers can enrol candidates for examination and purchase publications in one transaction.



Online Written Exam Centre

AMEB will launch a new Online Written Examination Centre on 15 January 2018. The new platform will utilise an updated notation system fully optimised for mobile devices and will be HTML5 compatible. For the convenience of Victorian teachers and students, enrolments for Online Written examinations will be made via AMEB Connect (Victoria). (This will be the only method of enrolment for students and teachers resident in Victoria.)


Performance Evaluation Program

The Performance Evaluation Program provides the opportunity for students to receive an independent assessment customised to their specific needs. In its simplest form, the Performance Evaluation enables a candidate to have repertoire evaluated by an AMEB Examiner and to receive a constructive written report. Alternatively, teachers may request a customised assessment including additional components, such as technical work or orchestral/band excerpts, for evaluation. Numerical marks or letter gradings could be given to suit a particular school’s requirements. The program of work for evaluation, the objectives and marking schema (if any) would be provided to the assessor at the beginning of each Evaluation.



Recital examinations trial

In 2018, AMEB will continue to trial Recital examinations in Drama and Communication, Flute, Trumpet and Violin. Continuation of the Recital exams trial will allow a full year of data to be collected and reviewed before a decision is made as to the future of this style of exam. The Recital examination comprises repertoire only and features material from the AMEB syllabuses along with an own choice option. The Recital exam is offered as an alternative to the “comprehensive” AMEB Practical examination and does not replace it. Recital exam syllabuses are available in digital (PDF) format (at no charge) and may be obtained by contacting AMEB Victoria.


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