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AMEB Victoria provides a range of materials and services to help you prepare candidates for AMEB exams.

AMEB Victoria has a range of brochures which are available free of charge to teachers to display in studio waiting rooms or supply to students and parents for information about AMEB. To place an order for brochures, either email or call 03 9035 8888.

AMEB Victoria brochures include:


1. The AMEB Advantage brochure – outlines the benefits of selecting AMEB, Australia’s leading musical assessment service. To download a PDF, click here.


2. AMEB Piano brochure – outlines AMEB’s wide range of piano syllabuses: Piano, Piano for Leisure, P Plate Piano, CPM Keyboard. To download a PDF, click here.


3. P Plate Piano brochure – outlines what the P Plate Piano series of books and assesments offer to beginner pianists. To download a PDF, click here.


A wide range of publications including Grade Books, Technical Work Books, Handbooks and past theory papers are available to teachers. Teacher handbooks provide analysis of pieces, performance notes etc. Approximately 200 titles are currently available to purchase from AMEB Victoria. For more information, go to the AMEB Publications page.

Teacher Consultations
A teacher may request a 30-minute personal consultation with an AMEB Examiner, which would be timetabled at the end of a day’s examining. The examiner will provide general tips and suggestions relating to the preparation of candidates for AMEB examinations.


Although these suggestions might be based upon the examiner’s observations of recent examination performances by a teacher’s students, it would not be appropriate to discuss examination results or specific examination reports.


Consultations with examiners will be available during most practical examination sessions (except Licentiate Sessions), subject to programming constraints. Registration for a Teacher Consultation can be made via AMEB Connect. Subject numbers and fees are listed here.

Workshops and Master Classes
AMEB regularly offers specialist workshops or master classes on AMEB materials, focusing on new syllabus areas and assisting teachers and candidates to appreciate AMEB standards and examiners’ expectations. Workshops and master classes include material from the various grade levels and are often presented in co-operation with organisations such as teacher associations, music guilds and music retailers.


To make sure you receive emails detailing dates and venues for AMEB Victoria workshops and masterclasses, complete the form found at: Subscribe to AMEB eNews and make sure you put on the safe sender’s list in your email program.