Performance Evaluation Program

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The Performance Evaluation Program is a service available to any person: beginner student, advanced performer, teacher or candidate with special needs.


The Performance Evaluation Program offers the evaluation of prepared work by a professional musician by means of a constructive written report. It provides an objective measure of progress against each candidate’s personal objectives and an opportunity to perform to a receptive listener.


In this respect it is suitable for all standards: there is a free choice of repertoire, no pass or fail assessment, no scales, sight reading or aural tests. Candidates are requested to enrol for the Performance Evaluation Program in the normal way by using the appropriate enrolment form.


The aim of the Performance Evaluation Program is to remove much of the pressure normally associated with examinations or public performances so that the candidate can concentrate on his or her performance without any anxieties.


Performance evaluation is open to all persons; there are no prerequisites or additional requirements.


Performance evaluation is offered in the following instrumental areas:
Classical Guitar

Choice of Music

A free choice of repertoire may be prepared. It is suggested that a program selected from pieces approximating Level 1-2 should not extend beyond 15 minutes and a program selected from Level 2-3 pieces should not extend beyond 30 minutes. Time may be allowed within this timeframe for a brief introductory dialogue about the objectives in entering for the evaluation. The style of the music chosen should broadly correspond with what is included in the music examination syllabuses. Performers must provide their own accompanist when required.