How to enrol for AMEB Victoria exams

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Click here to download a quick guide to enrolling for exams.
The comprehensive step-by-step enrolment guide is printed below.


Enrollers are invited to use the online service centre, AMEB Connect. AMEB Connect allows you to enrol candidates for AMEB and Rockschool examinations, view exam timetables, view exam results and download exam reports. You can also purchase AMEB exam syllabuses, supporting publications and other materials.


It is common practice for teachers or schools to submit entries as agents for their students. If you are the teacher or school representative enrolling candidates, you will receive all communications relating to your students’ examinations and will be able to co-ordinate the preparation of candidates and arrange accompanists, if required.


Note that enrolments can only be accepted from adults. Private entries should be submitted by the parent or guardian of candidates aged under eighteen.


Getting started
1. Register for AMEB Connect (Victoria)

Note: Online enrolment only available from 19 July 2017. Click ‘Get Access’ and follow the prompts.


2. Become familiar with examination requirements
Teachers and candidates must be familiar with the current AMEB syllabus, examination requirements and regulations (which may change from year to year) and the administrative policies and procedures which are available on this website.


AMEB syllabuses and publications may be purchased through AMEB Connect. To locate the online store, login to AMEB Connect, then select ‘Buy Products’ on the homepage.


Before enrolling candidates
3. Check dates and collate candidate information

(a) Check the session dates and closing dates for enrolments.
(b) Consult with candidates/parents and take note of any dates to be avoided. Dates to avoid include reasons such as; VCE exams, school exams, curriculum days, school camps, religious holidays, or other exceptional situations.
(c) Take note of candidate names and dates of birth as these will be required during the enrolment process. Each candidate’s full name will be required as on their birth certificate/passport.


AMEB Victoria will make every effort to avoid specific dates if these are advised at the time of enrolment Please note that Practical exams can be scheduled on any day in the published exam session (Monday – Sunday), between the hours of 9am and 6pm, except gazetted public holidays. It is possible to request that exams are not scheduled on a weekend but this must be indicated at the time of enrolment.


Please note that enrolments must be submitted by midnight on each of the published closing dates as AMEB Connect will automatically close the session and prevent acceptance of enrolments after the due date.


During the introduction of online enrolment in Victoria during 2017, the closing dates will be extended by 4 days until midnight on the Sunday which follows the published closing date. After this time the late enrolment period of 7 calendar days will apply to each session. All late entries will automatically incur a $30 late fee per candidate, up to a maximum of $150 per teacher or school.


Enrolling candidates
4. Log in to AMEB Connect to confirm your contact details
Registered users log in to AMEB Connect using an email address and password. We strongly recommend that you confirm your contact details prior to enrolling candidates.


Click ‘My Contact Details’ on the AMEB Connect homepage to confirm your email address and telephone numbers. Then click the ‘Addresses’ tab to confirm your postal address. The correct address is required to ensure that you receive important correspondence, including exam certificates and books orders.


8. Add candidates
On the AMEB Connect homepage select ‘Enrol a Candidate.’ Add your candidates in one of three ways by choosing from the tabs at the top of the page; Find a previous candidate, select a previous candidate and +New candidate. Find a previous candidate is the default selection when the page opens.


Find a previous candidate.
Candidates can be found by using candidate number and name or name and date of birth. The search is not case sensitive. Any candidates who have previously sat an AMEB exam in Victoria may be found using this search, even if they were enrolled under a different teacher number. If you have enrolled the candidate in previous sessions it may be easier to use Select a previous candidate.


Select a previous candidate.
When this tab opens candidates for This year are shown. Use the dropdown filters to show candidates from previous years. Select one or more candidates for enrolment by checking the boxes on the left of the screen. Then click the button +Enrol selected candidate(s) at the top of the screen to proceed to the next step. This tab will not be visible if you have never enrolled a candidate in the past.


Candidates may also be filtered by series (examination session) or completed/upcoming examinations. The Find keyword search box works in real time for information displayed on screen.


+New candidate
Select the +New candidate tab to enter candidates who have not previously sat an AMEB exam. Enter all details as requested.


To amend details of a previously enrolled candidate or to make a correction to past enrolment details please email us.


If you are enrolling multiple candidates, AMEB connect will ask you to confirm exam details for each candidate in turn.


9. Series (Examination Session)
Choose the examination session for each candidate by selecting from the drop-down menu. (Your choice will remain preselected for multiple candidates but may be modified if required.)


10. Subject
Choose the examination subject for each candidate by typing part of the subject name then selecting the correct option from the list. For example, typing ‘piano’ will bring up a list of piano subjects from which to choose.


11. Preferred venue
Select a preferred venue from the drop-down list. If you select ‘Enter a venue number’, an AMEB Victoria Centre Code is required. Schools and studios with their own venue number should enter it here. If you have permission for your candidates to be examined at a private school or studio enter the appropriate number here. Only the school/studio owner can provide you with their venue number.


12. Scheduling
Choose the preferred day for the examination for each candidate, either weekday, Saturday or Sunday from the drop-down list. In the ‘Scheduling request’ box indicate any dates to avoid (maximum 120 characters).


If a candidate has special needs this should be indicated in the ‘Scheduling request’ box. The Special Needs Form should be completed in accordance with the Special Needs Policy and emailed as soon as possible after the enrolment is submitted.


Once all the information is complete for each candidate, click ‘+Add to Basket’.


13. Confirm details
Click the green ‘Basket’ button in the top right of the screen. A list of your enrolments will be displayed. Check that all the information is correct. You can edit the details by clicking ‘Edit enrolment’, or delete the enrolment entirely by clicking ‘Remove enrolment’.


14. Payment
Once you have reviewed your enrolment information, tick the box under Agreement which notes your acceptance of the exam requirements and regulations as published in the current Manual of Syllabuses or subject syllabus and our policies and procedures as published on this website.


Click the ‘Pay’ button at the bottom of the screen. You will be taken to a secure payment page where payment can be made by Mastercard and Visa credit, debit and pre-paid cards. No card information is retained by the payment system.


If you choose to enter an email address in the box provided a Tax Invoice providing a summary of the transaction will be emailed to you from the National Australia Bank. (AMEB Victoria will also send a detailed confirmation email, see below.) After payment has been made you will be taken back to AMEB Connect.


IMPORTANT – Your enrolment is not complete until your payment has been submitted. Please contact AMEB Victoria if you have any questions.


Enrollers may submit an enrolment form which is available on the downloads page. Complete all details on the form and submit by post or in person with the correct cheque or money order payment attached.


After submitting an enrolment
15. Confirmation of enrolment
A detailed Confirmation email / Tax invoice will be automatically emailed to you once payment has been made. Please confirm that all details are correct (including spelling of candidate names) and advise any corrections by email within 5 business days. Note that a request to change the subject or grade after the five-day period has elapsed must be accompanied by a re-scheduling fee equivalent to 75% of the entry fee.


16. Notices of Examination
You will receive an email to advise that Notices of Examination are ready to download and print, or email to candidates. You can view enrolment details and monitor progress of exam scheduling by logging into AMEB Connect.


Inform each candidate of the date and time of his/her examination and arrange an accompanist, if necessary. Make sure your student takes the Notice of Examination to the exam and presents it to the Supervisor. Assist the candidate to complete the list of works on the Notice of Examination so this can be presented to the examiner.


After the exam
17. Reports


As the person responsible for the enrolment, you will receive an email after the examination to advise that examination reports and results are available on AMEB Connect to view or download. Reports and results are uploaded onto AMEB Connect within 2 weeks of metropolitan examinations, and 3 weeks of regional examinations.


Certificates for successful candidates will be posted to the enrolling person within 3 weeks of the examination date.