Online Theory Exams

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AMEB will launch a new Online Written Examination Centre in January 2018. The new system will offer an intuitive user experience and incorporate new features as recommended by users.


For the convenience of Victorian teachers and students, enrolments for Online Written examinations will be made via AMEB Connect (Victoria). (This will be the only method of enrolment for students and teachers resident in Victoria.)


Online Written exams can be taken online at any time, within twelve months of purchase,

for the following grades. Candidates and teachers benefit from unlimited practice opportunities and quick results.


  • Theory of Music, Grades 1 to 6
  • Musicianship, Grades 1 to 6
  • Music Craft, Grades 1 to 4


Enrolling candidates for examinations

A teacher, parent or candidate aged 18 or over can enrol individuals or groups for Written exams through AMEB Connect.


Account Holders

The purchaser of the online exam will receive access to the Online Written Exam Centre. The Account Holder can gain access to tutorials and sample exams and review practice results and exam results achieved by candidates.


Candidate Exam Key and password

Once an exam is purchased, the candidate will be issued with an Exam Key, a unique code which gives access to practice and actual exams when used with the correct password. Please note the Exam Key expires twelve months after purchase.

Benefits of Online Theory exams include:

1. Choice of individual, multiple candidate or group exams
Through the online theory enrolment system, teachers can select exams for an individual student; multiple individual students; or a group of students. Purchasing exams for individuals means that each student will sit a different version of the exam, regardless of whether it is taken on the same day or on different days. Purchasing exams for a group of students means that every student who sits the exam on a particular day will have the same set of questions.
2. Online theory exam enrolments valid for twelve months
For both group and individual exams, enrolments remain active for twelve months from date of purchase or until the exam is completed, whichever is first. This means that teachers can choose the best day for each individual or group to sit the exam, based on preparedness and schedules.
3. Unlimited practice exam opportunities
Once enrolled, students can take practice exams.
4. Quick results
For lower grades the overall result is available immediately on completion. For higher grades, exams are marked manually by an examiner and three or four business days after completing the exam, the candidate will receive an email notifying him/her that the exam has been marked. Certificates are sent to successful candidates in the mail after completion.

Practice exams

Candidates can login to the system using their Exam Key and password to take practice exams at any time. Practice exams are timed and candidates can work through the questions in any order.

Exam certificates

Results for online theory exams are received by AMEB Victoria weekly and certificates are mailed to the enrolling person in the usual way. The result will also appear on the teacher’s history of candidate results, which the teacher can view online if registered for AMEB Connect.


If you have any questions about AMEB Online Theory exams, please consult the FAQ section of the exam website.