Online Theory Exams

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Online Theory exams are available in:


Theory of Music Grades 1 to 6
Musicianship Grades 1 to 6
Music Craft Preliminary to Grade 4


Please note that Music Craft exams from Preliminary – Grade 4 are only available online. All other Theory exams are available in the Written Session in August.


To purchase online exams that can be taken anytime for up to twelve months after purchase, go to:


Benefits of Online Theory exams include:

1. Choice of individual, multiple candidate or group exams
Through the online theory enrolment system, teachers can select exams for an individual student; multiple individual students; or a group of students. Purchasing exams for individuals means that each student will sit a different version of the exam, regardless of whether it is taken on the same day or on different days. Purchasing exams for a group of students means that every student who sits the exam on a particular day will have the same set of questions.
2. Online theory exam enrolments valid for twelve months
For both group and individual exams, enrolments remain active for twelve months from date of purchase or until the exam is completed, whichever is first. This means that teachers can choose the best day for each individual or group to sit the exam, based on preparedness and schedules.
3. Unlimited practice exam opportunities
Once enrolled, students can participate in online tutorials and take practice exams with the added benefit that it is possible to see which questions were answered correctly as during the practice exam in lower grades. In addition, the enrolling teacher can login and check results for lower grade practice exams and the answers for higher grade practice exams to assess each candidate’s exam preparedness.
4. Choice of exam date, time and location
For group enrolments, the exam remains available until 6pm EST so that two groups can take identical exams at separate times. If candidates are absent, the enrolment remains active (within the twelve month period) and can be taken at a later stage albeit with a different set of questions to the main group.
5. Quick results
On exam day, students start answering questions once the supervisor has digitally authorised the exam. Results are available immediately on completion in the lower grades and student responses can be reviewed against correct answers. For higher grades, exams are marked manually by an examiner and three or four busines days after completing the exam, the candidate will receive an email notifying him/her that the exam has been marked. Certificates are sent to successful candidates in the mail soon after completion.
6. Flexible payment options
The Online Theory exam enrolment system has now changed so that teachers can enroll students for exams and then arrange for a credit card holder to log in separately to pay for the enrolments. This means that teachers can monitor the results of practice exams and log in to start exams. For directions on how to do this, go to FAQ 51 on the AMEB Online Theory exam site here.


How to Enrol for Online Theory Exams
1. Go to:
2. Register on the site to become an Account Holder
A teacher, parent or candidate aged 18 or over can register free of charge for the site and create a unique username and password. Once registered, you will become an Account Holder with access to tutorials, sample exams and the ability to purchase exams.
3. Buy an exam
Once registered as an Account Holder, you can buy an exam at any time for an individual candidate or a group of candidates who can take the exam at the same, or different times. When entering details, you will need to supply the candidate’s full name as it appears on the AMEB Victoria database and correct date of birth, which is important for data matching. Candidates must complete their online theory exam within twelve months of purchase.

Candidate Exam Key and password

When buying an exam for a candidate, you will need to select a password that the candidate will use every time they access tutorials, practice exams, or the exam itself.

Once you have purchased an exam, the candidate will be issued with an Exam Key,
a unique code which gives access to practice and actual exams when used with the correct password.

Buying exams for groups of students

You have two options when purchasing exams for a group of students. The first option allows enrolment of a number of candidates for a variety of subjects and grades. The second option allows enrolment of multiple candidates to do the same subject and grade at the same time. All candidates entered under this option will be presented with an identical set of questions for their exams. However, if a candidate enrolled under the ‘group exam’ option is absent from the exam time set for the group, he/she can take the exam at a later date but will be presented with a different set of questions.


The video tutorials show all the techniques required to complete the exam questions.
The more important techniques include: using the up and down arrow to select an answer; using the dragging tool to change a note, write a scale or add beams; using the drawing tool to draw slurs: and using the eraser tool to correct mistakes.

Practice exams

Candidates can login to the system using their Exam Key and password to take practice exams at any time. Practice exams are timed and candidates can work through the questions in any order. In the lower grades, candidates will be able to see the marking for each section as they go along and see the result for each practice exam immediately after completion. In higher grade exams, the practice exam cannot be marked by the system but the candidate’s answers are saved onto the system to be reviewed with teachers or parents at any time. This applies to Theory of Music, Fourth Grade and above; Musicianship, Third Grade and above; and Music Craft, 3rd Grade and above.

Starting an exam

When a candidate (or group of candidates) is ready to take an actual exam, they should login using the Exam Key and password. On the Start Exam page, a supervisor is required to electronically sign a declaration that the candidate is working alone without the aid of materials or personal assistance. Supervisors are asked to give a mobile phone number and are randomly contacted for verification of this statement.

The exam is timed and will be submitted for marking when the time allocation has been reached or when the candidate clicks Finish, whichever is first.

Exam results

In the lower grades, the system marks the exam instantaneously and the candidate can immediately see the exam result. The teacher or parent who enrolled the candidate for the exam can also login to see the result and review answers with the candidate. This applies to: Theory of Music, First to Third Grades; Musicianship, First and Second Grades; and Music Craft, Grades 1 and 2.

For higher grades, an examiner will mark the exam manually and three or four business days after completing the exam, the candidate will receive an email notifying him/her that the exam has been marked. The teacher, parent and candidate can then login to see the results and review the answers.

Exam certificates

Results for online theory exams are received by AMEB Victoria weekly and certificates are mailed to the enrolling person in the usual way. The result will also appear on the teacher’s history of candidate results, which the teacher can view online if registered for AMEB Connect.


If you have any questions about AMEB Online Theory exams, please consult the FAQ section of the exam website.